Hack the Publisher Presents

A 2D side-scrolling phantasmagoria featuring extreme violence and Korean thriller vibes

The game

  • The player takes control of a character obsessed with revenge. This is a killing game and the player can feel it and get the maximum emotional outburst
  • Cruelty, paradoxicality, and unexpected plot twists allow us to build a hardcore slasher for lovers of bloody fatalities and precisely controlled combos
  • Utilizing an environment for killing — hooks in a slaughterhouse, meat cutting conveyors, ovens
  • A combat system featuring a quality impact provided by a sound and picture synergy. Hit animations and opponents’ reactions are juicy and so is the sound. Precise responsive controls. Combat choreography
  • A Korean cinema vibes — brutal, violent, unexpected plot twists, art-house

The studio

We are Hack The Publisher — a studio of 12 people covering the entire game production cycle.

Now we are working on a cute and humorous pixel-art card management sim in a medieval world of wizardry: Dwarven Skykeep. It is to be released in October 2022 under the publisher Ravenage Games.

Dwarven Skykeep (October 2022)
Publisher: Ravenage
Strategy / RPG
Royal Bounty HD (2015)
Turn-based RPG
Dwarf Tower (2014)
Multiplayer Turn-based Duel
Palm Kingdoms 2(2012)
Turn-based Strategy / RPG